Saturday, February 11, 2012

PF 2012 Mar Topic Analysis

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Resolved: The United States should suspend all assistance to Pakistan

This is another of the NFL's series of sweeping PF resolutions which should allow plenty of ground for both sides to debate (perhaps too much).  Of course, as I have seen in the past, the grounds seem to narrow very significantly as debaters advance the topic and deal with the mindsets of their judges.  I initially assume the United States implies the U.S. Federal Government, not private interests or NGOs. I further assume, the tiny word "ALL" will be a big factor in this debate.  And for some, the question of whether any country should receive Federal assistance is a Constitutional issue depending on one's interpretation of assistance.

Part 1 - Background: Meanings, Purpose and Types of Aid (click here)
Part 2 - Assistance, Immediance and Case Burdens (click here)

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