Wednesday, February 29, 2012

PF - Aid to Pakistan - Evidence Grab Bag

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End of the Year
As the NFL debate season wraps up, I decided to create an evidence grab-bag for the PF Aid to Pakistan topic.  All of the links are found on the Internet without requiring any special subscriptions or log-ins to restricted sites.  Most of the evidence is by experts working at major think tanks, and informed commentators.  I did not read each article in depth.  I basically scanned them and thought they provided useful information. In some cases I am sure I incorrectly categorized them as either Pro or Con.  You can decide.  The best part...the evidence is out there and free of charge.  All you need to do is cut it into a case.

Pro or Con 
Should U.S. Continue Aid to Pakistan?, Council on Foreign Relations, 2011, May 17
Four experts provide their views

Should the U.S. Cut Off Aid to Pakistan?, New York Times, MAY 9, 2011
Links to a wide range of expert opinions.

Secretary Clinton's Remarks on Humanitarian Aid to Pakistan, May 2009, Council on Foreign Relations

U.S. Pakistan Relations, CQ Researcher
Differing points of view presented.

International Crises Group{E7471B49-9D61-4000-A4C1-3B5F380C35FE}
Excellent links to a range of articles and news

Pro (mostly)
After bin Laden: Bringing Change to Pakistan's Counterterrorism Policies, The Heritage Foundation, Lisa Curtis, 2011, May 12,
Calling for a suspension until...but this may swing more for the Con. This author generally advocates keeping aid but suspension may be in order.

Time to Stop Fooling Ourselves about Foreign Aid: A Practitioner's View, Cato Institute, Thomas Dichter, 2005
A call to rethink ALL foreign aid.

Stop Doing Harm in Pakistan, Carnegie Endowment, George Perkovich, SEPTEMBER 13, 2011
Trade not aid.

Stop Enabling Pakistan’s Dangerous Dysfunction, Carnegie Endowment, Perkovich, September 6, 2011

Pakistan: Stop Supporting Failing Schools, Internation Crisis Group, Shehryar Fazli, 17 Sep 2004
Suspend education support?

Con (a sampling of many)
The U.S. Should Maintain Aid to Pakistan, Especially in Education, Brookings Institute, 2011, May 12

Who Benefits From U.S. Aid to Pakistan? Carnegie Endowment for Peace, September 21, 2011
S. Akbar Zaidi,
Argues for a shift from military to other forms of aid - excellent background information.

Should the United States cut off aid to Pakistan?, The Heritage Foundation, Lisa Curtis, 2011, August 5

Our Money in Pakistan, Foreign Policy Magazine, 2010, Mar, 17
Alternative ideas

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