Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feedback Request

Except for the NFL national tournament in June and some ongoing activities with congressional debate, our season has ended.  Most of the students are enjoying some well deserved time off.  Its been a particularly competitive season in our area.  There are many, very good debaters.  Sadly, I will not be judging this month's LD and PF topics since competition at the state level has officially ended. 

Nevertheless, I feel these pages have served a useful purpose and benefited the debate community at large and so it is my intention to continue to provide useful and interesting information related specifically to NFL debate in the form of topic analysis, advice on how to debate and commentary on strategies and positions.

To best serve you, I am requesting feedback.

Please post a comment and let me know the following -
What is your category (LD, PF, 2P) and in which state/district do you compete?
When does your regular season end?
Will you be working on debate this spring and summer (on your own or at a camp)?

If you do PF -
Do you cut your own evidence or use a service (purchased briefs)?
Is topic analysis useful to you?
Are links to evidence useful to you?
What would you like to see more of?

If you do LD -
Same questions as PF but also, are Ks and theory arguments accepted in your area?

If you 2P -
Are you interested in fundamentals of policy debate? (how to's..)?
Would topic analysis be a value (considering there is only one topic)?
What kinds of posts interest you?

I will respond to your comments by producing posts throughout the off-season which serves your needs and even if you do not comment, I will continue to do my best to turn out information which serves the community and promotes the educational value of Everyday Debate.

Good luck to our National Qualifiers!

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  1. Hello! My name is Glenn and I am a newer coach in Reno, NV. My very small team tends to focus on LD, but we have done PF last year as well. We have not done Policy debate as of yet.

    Our regular season will end with our district tournament in April. We still have our state, inter district tournament coming up in a couple of weeks. I will be working on debate all summer long, however. Trying to refine the coaching materials I use, and go through the hundreds of documents I have collected over the last two years.

    I rarely purchase evidence for my team. I teach statistics, so a card with only some stats on it is easily torn apart if you know how to ask the right questions, and I teach my debaters to ask. I also have found that through some Google Ninja skills I can find just about anything I need. I do purchase a packet or two for districts though.

    The topic analysis you do is VERY useful to me. I teach 3 preps AND debate, so using your analysis saves me hours to time of writing my own. THANK YOU. Same thing with the links. I directed my learners to your links several times this year.

    What I would like to see more of? Tough question. I don't know, honestly. Your content has been very thorough and well written.

    Finally, the use of Kritiks and Theory is carefully allowed in the NNFL. The judges tend to be lay judges for the majority of the time, and if the debater can make them agree, it works. If it is so technical that they don't buy it, the debater goes down in flames. I have seen some work, but they are well written and persuasively given. Spreading doesn't fly very far with lay judges (as it shouldn't).


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