Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Everyday Debate Is Reaching Out

The Everyday Debate Mission

The information I post on these pages is free as it is my intention to educate and help the debate community in some small way. Perhaps some day, I may expand my work to offer some compensated services. Perhaps. But for now, I coach an enthusiastic debate team in a very competitive district and I have little time to do much more. In the meantime, I will continue to offer you detailed analyses, commentary based on my experience and links to evidence and research as I see fit. Hey, its my website. If I want to give it away, I'll give it away. I am not going to write cases for you. It is better, I think, if I equip you with a few of the tools and knowledge you need to be a truly remarkable debater.

The Response

At Everyday Debate, I try to release updates as quickly as possible. That allows you to get information and analysis sooner so you can begin developing your case ideas and focus your research. To be sure people are responding. Debaters from all 50 states (and many countries) are reading these pages. Last season Everyday Debate was seeing over 5000 page-views per month more or less evenly split between new and returning visitors. Currently, the majority of page-views are from first-time visitors.

You are reading, your team-mates are reading and your competitors are reading which drives me to get better and better at providing quality analyses.

Stay Up to Date

I know debaters have busy lives. You are smart, you are driven and you are connected. So, to make it easier for you to stay connected, you can now find Everyday Debate on Facebook and Twitter. Like our page or follow us on Twitter and you will be notified when new information is posted.

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Comments Welcome
As always, you are free to enter anonymous comments on any post on this site.  You do not need a Google account, so I encourage you to do so.  Your feedback, expertise, experience, queries and encouragement are welcome.

I am starting to sense the build-up of activity as debate season rapidly approaches once again.  I am looking forward to a great season of competition.


  1. Hi!
    Thanks for a great website! What a help to me as I help train my students. Just curious, I don't see a definition of "rejoinder" and was wondering about that...

    1. Hi. A rejoinder (in the legal sense) is an answer to a rebuttal or attack. Basically it is one's chance to clarify points made in a previous statement.


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