Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Prelude to the NFL Topic Release

Adding Internal Links
I have been engaged in various activities on this site mainly concerned with rearranging pages and inserting links to other internal pages.  I am hoping my efforts make it a little easier to move around and find the information you are looking for.  So yeah, I am adding internal links, but not the kind commonly used in debate cases.  If you are somehow notified of updates, I may be triggering a lot of false alarms and I apologize.

Remember, for access to specific back pages, click any of the category links at the top of the page: Public Forum, Lincoln Douglas, Policy Debate and General. There is also a convenient Glossary if you need help with jargon.

Waiting for the NFL
I think its a shame the NFL appears to stop all work from June to mid-August.  There is a lot of activity going on in camps and workshops as it seems debate never goes on vacation and probably rarely sleeps.  I know if you were at a camp, you realize sleep is something you enjoy only in a boring lecture until your head smacks the desk.

Lincoln Douglas has been presented some previews of potential topics and I spent some time doing a very brief overview of each.  I know it was not much.  There will be much more when actual topics are announced.  I will try to provide an in-depth analysis with recommendations, strategies and links to evidence.

Public Forum has not even been tossed a bone.  It seems, NFL finds some kind of purpose in waiting until the last possible minute before releasing PF topics.  Nevertheless, when the topics are released, I will be working hard to present a worthwhile analysis with strategies and links.

I released quite a bit of topic analysis and my review of many of the camp cases being released for Policy Debate.  That has kept me very busy and there is more to come.  I want to review and write about certain disads, CPs, and perhaps kritiks but the time is getting short and some tournaments are already open for registration.

Be sure to start looking at this site within days of the topic releases and if you see nothing after about a week, call 911. I am probably slumped over my keyboard.

As always, comments are welcome and appreciated.


  1. I am curious for what you think could be the first LD topic of the season, if you have any guess at all?

    1. If the NFL stays true to form, the topic will come from the 2011/2012 list, not the present one and depends on how the votes came last year. Also, they tend to start off with a fairly simple one since the focus is typically on novice debaters. Here are the possible topics (Perhaps the gun topic would be interesting but but the eminent domain and estate tax topic declare a value of justice and the NFL loves justice as a beginning topic.):

      1. Resolved: The United States ought to extend to non-citizens accused of terrorism the same constitutional due process protections it grants to citizens.

      3. Resolved: In the United States, possession of handguns ought not be an individual right.

      4. Resolved: The use of eminent domain for private economic development is just.

      5. Resolved: Estate taxes are just.

      7. Resolved: A just society ought to prioritize environmental concerns over the production of energy.

      8. Resolved: In the United States, law enforcement ought to be required to have probable cause to search data an individual has stored on remote servers.


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