Thursday, April 19, 2012

Summer 2012

Hi debaters,
Its been a pretty good year so far and as many of you finalize your season you may not want to think about debate again until next year. Debate is unquestionably a very taxing activity and when its over its good to relax.  Some of you will be going to debate camps, others may attend various summer workshops in order to get a jump on the coming year.

I do not intend to stop posting information that will hopefully benefit someone.  While my posts this summer can not deal with specific topic analysis, I plan to put out essays and commentary on a wide variety of debate topics.  These will deal with policy, LD and public forum and may span the gamut of styles with an emphasis on learning better techniques.  Later in the summer, I will likely do some analysis of the coming policy topic and perhaps look at the slate of potential LD topics.

So, after you have celebrated your 2011-2012 season, take some down time then check back. You may find some things of interest.

As always, feel fee to comment on any post and if you wish to email, you can find an email address (no link) on the "About" page of this blog.

Your visits and encouraging comments motivate me to continue.
Thanks for reading.