Thursday, March 14, 2013

Comment Spam

Hello Debaters, Coaches and Friends,

It seems no matter how much work you put into putting up a useful resource, there are those who's mission in life seems to be to ruin it for everyone.

Everyday Debate has a major spam problem.  I am deleting several hundred spam comments per day and since I receive notification of new comments, I receive hundreds of emails per day which are telling me, often in very broken English, how wonderful my site is and oh, by the way, visit my site over here.  The Blogger platform filters much of it, which keeps it from appearing on the posts, but a lot does get through and I am continuously monitoring to keep Everyday Debate a quality site.

Of course I get various pranksters and assorted trolls who make comments that are useless for debate but most of these I leave alone figuring if you want to prove to the world you are a troll or prankster, go ahead.  In any case it is obviously not spam.  Trolls don't invite people to visit their website.  They just try to attract attention to themselves.

To control this, I am implementing a new comment feature which will require you to enter a code word prior to leaving a comment.  You may already be familiar with these "CAPTCHA" controls which stop non-human spamming.

You may still leave comments, even anonymously, if you desire.  You may even choose to make useless remarks.  I will still read them all, return comments on most, and delete the vulgar ones.  Unfortunately you will need to take the extra step.

I am sorry for this measure, but there are always opportunists that want to ruin the freedom of the world-wide web.  I support web freedom but I hate spam.


  1. I'm sorry that you've had to go through this, considering what a great resource that you've been throughout this entire year to a group of first year debaters. Thanks for all the help that you've given us!

    1. Thanks. Yes, the spam was continuous but the worse impact of requiring the verification code in order to post a comment is it may discourage students and others from making legitimate and useful comments or asking great questions. I love an open exchange of ideas, but the verification step tends to slow the process down.


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