Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Novermber 2013 Topics

The 2013 topics for November have been released -

For Lincoln-Douglas:

2013 November/December Topic
Resolved: In the United States criminal justice system, truth-seeking ought to take precedence over attorney-client privilege.

For Public Forum:

2013 November Topic
Resolved: The benefits of domestic surveillance by the NSA outweigh the harms.

I am wondering what kind of support we can find for the L-D affirmative side since the most common argument I have heard is violation of attorney-client privilege destroys the ability of attorneys to proper defend their clients.

On the PF topic, I can't help but think people are news headlines fixated and as a result, as we debate NSA domestic spying, we will fail to learn about similar activities from other government agencies.

It is what it is, so...

Look for the Everyday Debate topic analyses over the next few days.

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