Wednesday, October 26, 2016

PF Dec 2016 - Topics Open For Voting


** UPDATED (Nov. 1 2016) **

The NSDA has announced option 2 as the topic for December 2016.


The NSDA topic area for December 2016 Public Forum Debate is Federal Drug Policy

These are the topics awaiting your vote.

OPTION 1 – Resolved: On balance, the benefits of market exclusivity incentives of pharmaceutical drugs outweigh the harms.
This topic will claim that granting market exclusivity (usually in the form of exclusive rights to produce a  particular drug or device for a specified period of time) will stimulate research and development of new pharma-products.

OPTION 2 – Resolved: The United States should end Plan Colombia
I am very surprised at this one. To be honest, I did not know Plan Columbia was still "a thing".  I recall this was the Bush-era war on Colombian drug cartels that many claim, gave rise to the Mexican cartels. If this one is selected, I am pulling out our old evidence from April 2013.

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