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2016/2017 Season

  Mar/Apr (Right to Housing) introduction, affirmative, negative
  Jan/Feb (Free Speech on Campus) introduction, affirmative, negative
  Nov/Dec (Qualified Immunity) introduction, aff part 1, aff part 2, negative
  Sep/Oct (Nuclear power) introduction, background, affirmative, negative
  Sep/Oct (Civil disobedience) novice topic

2015/2016 Season

  Jan/Feb (Ban handguns) introduction, affirmative, negative
  Nov/Dec (Jury nullification) introduction, affirmative, negative
  Sep/Oct  (Adolescent medical choice), introduction, affirmative, negative

2014/2015 Season
  Mar/Apr (Food security) affirmative, negative
  Jan/Feb (Living Wage) introduction, affirmative, negative
  Nov/Dec (Right to be forgotten) introduction, affirmative, negative
  Varsity Sep/Oct (Presumed consent) introduction, affirmative, negative

2013/2014 Season

  Nationals (Digital Privacy) definitions
  Mar/Apr (Humanitarian Aid) definitions, affirmative, negative, What I saw
  Jan/Feb (Environment) definitions, aff part 1, neg part 1, aff values, neg values
  Nov/Dec (Truth-seeking) definitions, affirmative, negative, dilemmas
  Varsity Sep/Oct (Compulsory voting) definitions, affirmative, negative
  Novice Sep/Oct (Civil Disobedience) definitions, affirmative, negative

2012/2013 Season
  Nationals (Oppressive govt) government, aff ideas, neg ideas
  Mar / Apr (Humanitarian Intervention) Definitions, background, Aff position, Neg position
  Jan / Feb (Criminal Rehab) Definitions, retribution, rehabilitation, aff position, neg position
  Nov / Dec (Health Care) Definitions, Aff Positions, Neg positions, Args and Values,
    UHC Worlds
  Sep / Oct (Terrorist rights) Intro & definitions, discussion,
    Aff legal FW, Aff Policy FW, Aff Value FW, Philosophy, Critiques,
    Neg part 1, Neg part 2
  First topic choices
  Affirmative Action & Reverse Discrimination
    day 1, day 2, day 3
  Proposed 2012 / 2013 Topics
    Secession, Aff ActionSCOTUS terms, Rights intervention
    Voting, PrivatizationUnions, HealthcareRepression, Rehab,

2011/2012 Season
  Nationals (Economic gap) part 1part 2part 3
  Mar / Apr (Targeted killing) part 1part 2 part 3    Moral framework part 1part 2
    PositionsEvidenceSecurity K
  Jan / Feb (Domestic violence), part 1part 2part 3part 4
    Exorcist AffNeg help
  Nov / Dec (Assist needy) part 1part 2
      Kritiks part 1part 2

General LD Topics
  Cross-x for Better Rebuttals
  Philosophies in LD part 1, part 2
  Values in LD part 1, part 2
  Applying Kritiks in LD part 1part 2